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Anthony Bacopoulos is a content creator on YouTube. He does videos about technology like reviews, unboxings, and other miscellaneous videos. He created his channel in May of 2016 and so far has 1,300+ subscribers and 100,000+ total channel views! Because he loves tech and the future of it can be really exciting to see things like driverless cars and A.I. come to life. Because of this, he created the channel Anth.Tech. He got the name of it from the first half of his name and the first half of technology and you get Anth.Tech!

He created his website when the channel was first created and chose the .TECH domain because of the channel’s category and that it would fit in with the name. So as long as you know Anth.Tech, that is the channel name and URL. The site has gone through some minor redesigns. But just recently (January of 2018) the site got a major redesign! Adding a login feature and “Premium Subscriber Portal” which allows customers to get additional content and early videos! The website is very secure with SSL and spam/hack blocking so everything is safe.

He loves technology and his “first” piece of tech was an iPod Touch 4th Gen. From that he got an iPad which was also the 4th Gen. Then for phones he had the Apple iPhone 6 and just didn’t like it, he’d been an Apple-Fanboy forever but then it all changed. He switched to Android and got the Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, S7 Edge, and S8+. Those were his daily drivers. Then once the iPhone X came out he really liked it and switched back! Since then he has gotten the Apple Watch Gen 3 with Cellular which works in harmony together. For computers he has always had Windows between laptops and desktops, he built his own desktop/tower in January of 2016 and still works like a charm. Although he wants to switch to Mac because of the whole switch from Android to Apple. The ecosystem that Apple has really is great and works flawlessly.

-Anth.Tech Team